The Value of Voice

In our humble observation, FQHCs represent a powerful voice in their communities. The passion for patient care is at the center of it all. The Hebets Company offers a true national platform that allows FQHCs to care for their executive leadership teams and provider groups with equal passion. Yet to do so in a way that carefully honors constrained compensation budgets.

Our platform addresses the two necessary factors for achieving an ideal outcome for your plan.

First, we have vast experience in helping community-based boards come together in conversation. By utilizing specific facilitation capabilities, we’re able to integrate our understanding of board chemistry with expertise to align the varied opinions of a community-governed organization. This alignment becomes your common voice. A common voice allows breakthroughs and momentum in decision making.

Second, while many benefits planning conversations are limited to one type of plan, we know and understand every type of benefits plan that can work under the nuance of FQHC guidelines. It means that we have the ability to select the best pieces of different plans and creatively combine them. We also have the knowledge to help you understand benefits that aren’t limited to salary-only compensation.

Together these two key factors result in a plan that is well-rounded and attractive for the plan participants. Yet importantly, it’s more likely to be implemented, because it honors the common voice of your community-based board.

The Anatomy of the Gap

The first phase in our process addresses the information and opportunity gaps that FQHCs face when attempting to navigate this complex topic. First, in our experience, FQHCs and their community-based boards struggle to get the information necessary to fully understand all of their options. Also, they haven’t been given a way to learn what competitive organizations are offering. As a result, it’s nearly impossible to identify market pay that’s reasonable and appropriate. Click here to learn more about our Benchmarking services.

We believe The Hebets Company created the deepest and broadest FQHC education platform in the country. We offer education through our one-on-one discussions with community-based boards. We also offer a high volume of educational videos and tools through our online portal. In addition, we conduct benchmarking surveys to provide you with a complete, geographically specific picture of your competitors’ compensation packages.

Second is the significant opportunity gap. It’s an area of compensation that FQHCs haven’t been educated about. In a thoughtful compensation package, we can help the key members of the executive leadership team, along with the provider group, anticipate and prepare for certain significant financial life events – both positive and negative. These are things like unexpected family emergencies, early death or disability, or even the desire to provide for supplemental education for themselves or family members. These important life events can often be affordably addressed by the FQHC by leveraging several strategies in complementary and collaborative ways. The result is a well-rounded and more affordable plan – that is often more attractive than a larger, salary-only package.