Testimonials and References

Today, we’re fortunate to serve more than thirty FQHCs across the country, including several of the ten largest. We understand deeply the challenges facing community-based boards when addressing the topic of compensation and benefits. 

“They were tremendously helpful in creating unique ways to dramatically increase the level of retirement contributions and benefits well beyond what can be achieved in 403(b) and 457(b) plans.”
Jim Sinkoff, EVP/CFO
Sun River Health
“Unfortunately a number of years ago we had to discontinue our retirement contributions. It was becoming increasingly more difficult to recruit and retain staff in today’s competitive environment. They helped us to develop a program to make us more competitive in recruitment of our medical staff. We were able to develop a program that goes well beyond the traditional 403(b) matching contribution.”
Kevin Mattson, President & CEO
San Ysidro Health Center

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