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Complimentary Dinners Sponsored by The Hebets Company

Exclusive Dinners for CEOs, CFOs, CHROs, and Board Chairs of FQHCs

Join us for an evening of fine dining at Mastro’s Steakhouse or Ocean Prime in Downtown Chicago. The dinners will be a predominantly fun social event, with a brief 10 minute introduction into the services and capabilities that The Hebets Company provides.

  • Mastro’s Streakhouse | Saturday Aug 27, 2022
  • Ocean Prime | Sunday Aug 28, 2022
  • Ocean Prime | Monday Aug 29, 2022

5:30pm (Optional) Pre-Dinner Education Sessions

  • How to Convert C-Suite Retirement Income from Taxable to Tax-Free
  • C-Suite Roundtable Discussion: Sharing ideas on how leading FQHCs attract and retain top talent

6:30pm Cocktail Reception
7:00pm Dinner Begins

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Pre-Dinner Education Sessions
(Optional for Invited Dinner Guests)

How to Convert C-Suite Retirement Income from Taxable to Tax-free

In this presentation you will learn how to eliminate your 40%+ income taxation on your executive retirement income.

C-Suite Roundtable Discussion

In the roundtable discussions Jim and Jamie Hebets will be facilitating talks among FQHC CEOs in regards to best practices in attracting and retaining key talent. 

Pre-Dinner Education Sessions are strongly encouraged to attend for invited guests. Jim and Jamie Hebets will be presenting and facilitating the sessions.

JBH 12.21 headshot

Jim Hebets


The Hebets Company,
an NFP company


Jamie Hebets

Senior Vice President

The Hebets Company,
an NFP company

One on One Meetings
Private Conference Room

Share with us a little bit about your organization. Schedule a time to meet with President of The Hebets Company, Jim Hebets, Senior Vice President, Jamie Hebets over some refreshments and snacks in our onsite conference room at The Hyatt Regency

  • How to convert your executive retirement income from Taxable to Tax-free
  • C-Suite Retention & Succession
  • Physician Retention Plans
  • Supplemental Retirement Plans Options
  • How some plans can improve Fairness Opinion Testing
  • Excise & Participant Tax Mitigation Strategies
  • Cost Recovery Strategies
  • Mitigating Negative Public Optics (Form 990 – Schedule J)
  • Whatever may be top of mind to your organization

Melinda Figeley, Principal of Hebets HR Solutions, will also be available to join our meetings as well.

  • Compensation & Total Rewards Benchmarking
  • HR Outsourcing / Consulting
  • Employee Benefits Engagement
  • Communications
  • Technology Consulting
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • And More

We have helped over 70 FQHCs across America attract and retain their top talent through the use of cutting edge strategies in executive compensation and supplemental retirement benefits. We believe that for proper planning to be effective, a win-win scenario must be created at both the organizational and executive level.

CEO Total Rewards Snapshot

Special Offer – Complimentary Compensation and Benefits Market Analysis Report for Non-Profit Healthcare CEOs
Tailored by Organization Type: FQHC | Rural | Behavioral | Other

After completing a quick online questionnaire you will receive an individualized report of how your executive compensation and retirement benefits compare to other CEOs in the national marketplace in the following areas:

This is the first step to determining if your executive total compensation and retirement benefits are fair and reasonable, yet also competitive in the marketplace.

The Total Rewards Snapshot is Valued at 2,500 USD.

Meet Us At Booth #907

We invite you to come meet with Jim and Jamie Hebets, along with several of our team members at our booth to learn more about The Hebets Company-NFP and our upcoming Private Educational Events for Executive Leadership Teams.

Additional Healthcare Practice Partners


Kameron Jones


Alison Kaylor-Fink


Richard Harrison

Eamon Walsh - 442

Eamon Walsh

Don White

Don White

peter friend

Peter Friend

David Byers

David Byers

rita wright

Rita Wright

Jay Cavanagh

Jay Cavanagh


Neal Groff


Nat Harris


Ben Kronish

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Sharon Parrish

Sharon Parrish

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