Non-Profit Healthcare Organizations

Eliminate your 40%+ income taxation on your executive retirement income.

Learn How to Convert Your Executive Retirement Income from Taxable to Tax-Free!

Share with us a little bit about your organization. What would you like to learn? What concerns do you have with regards to your organization’s executive retirement benefits? Our area of expertise includes but is not limited to,

  • How to convert your executive retirement income from Taxable to Tax-Free
  • C-Suite Retention & Succession 
  • Physician Retention Plans 
  • Supplemental Retirement Plan Options 
  • How some plans can improve Fairness Opinion Testing 
  • Excise & Participant Tax Mitigation Strategies 
  • Cost Recovery Strategies 
  • Mitigating Negative Public Optics (Form 990 – Schedule J)

We have helped over 70 Healthcare Organizations across America attract and retain their top talent through the use of cutting edge strategies in executive compensation and supplemental retirement benefits. We believe that for proper planning to be effective, a win – win scenario must be created at both the organizational level and executive level.

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The Hebets Company,
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Jamie Hebets

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The Hebets Company,
an NFP company

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