AHA Rural Healthcare Leadership Conference 2023

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CEO Total Rewards Snapshot

Special Offer – Complimentary Compensation and Benefits Market Analysis Report for Non-Profit Healthcare CEOs
Tailored by Organization Type: FQHC | Rural | Behavioral | Other

After completing a quick online questionnaire you will receive an individualized report of how your executive compensation and retirement benefits compare to other CEOs in the national marketplace in the following areas:

This is the first step to determining if your executive total compensation and retirement benefits are fair and reasonable, yet also competitive in the marketplace.

The Total Rewards Snapshot is Valued at 2,500 USD.

Conference Presentation:
Secrets of The Staffing Fix and Executive Retention

Solving healthcare talent challenges is crucial to protecting the viability and longevity of rural hospitals. This session will delve into proven best practices to stop the financial drain by systematically eliminating the use of agencies, find and retaining quality staff, and attract and retain top executives and physicians. Hear from a rural hospital CEO how staffing fix resources were used to cut agency spending $23,000 a week within 16 weeks, develop a waiting list of people wanting to work there, and reduce annual turnover to less than 8%. In addition, participants will learn how to take action on 37 retention and recruitment practices that work; effectively manage executive and physician retention and succession planning; and adopt cutting-edge trends in executive level compensation and fringe benefits. Attendees will be able to implement and systematically hardwire sustainable policies and processes at their facility upon day one return from the conference.
Location: JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country
Room: Cibola #7
Date: 02/22/23
Time: 7:30am

Erin Muck

Chief Executive Officer
Crawford County
Memorial Hospital
Denison, IA

Jamie Hebets

Senior Vice President
The Hebets Company

Brian Lee

Chief Executive Officer
Custom Learning Systems & Healthcare’s Engagement Expert

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Conference Presenters


Erin Muck


Jamie Hebets

Brian Lee

Brian Lee

Hebets Company Leadership


Jim Hebets


Melinda Figeley

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